Did you know: You no longer need to spend thousands of dollars in Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) trunks to allow Private Branch exchange (PBX) to interface with the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN)?

FGL Telecom has a convenient and cost-effective way for you to communicate better and faster!

Our Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) solution will unify your communication for a better and secured voice, data, and video transmission.

Why FGL Telecom SIP Trunking?

Save on long-distance charges

Our trunk group gives you the freedom to make long-distance calls for free anywhere in the Canadian provinces.


Burstable/ overflow automatically

Our SIP Trunking automatically overflows and re-routes inbound calls from a SIP trunk to your existing PSTN, PRI/T1 or another type of service at the same endpoint.


SIP expertise and technical support (24/7)

We also have monitoring tools working 365 days with real-time alerts and automatic troubleshooting.


Simplified agreements and no restrictive conditions

Our official languages are English and French, not Gibberish, so our agreement and conditions will be in a language you can understand.


Virtual Number presence (DID)

Be anywhere and have a local presence with a virtual number presence.

Session Border Controller (SBC) and Technology knowledgeable

If you can think of it, we’ve tested and used it!
SRTP, TLS, RTP, Multi-Platform, Transcoding and network troubleshooting


Reliability and Geo-Redundant

Our private, Canada-wide fibre optic network ensures security and reliability with guaranteed quality-of-service levels backed by SLAs.


FGL Telecom uses robust and private cloud computing technology to bring fully redundant hosted PBX services to fulfill various needs from the business community. With high availability in mind, FGL Telecom systems are fully redundant, spanning from coast-to-coast- and backups across the Atlantic, in Europe. Our Hosted PBX service, while tailored to the customer’s unique needs, come equipped with the following seven (7) added value at its core:

  1. Uncompromised quality and system availability, yet affordability remaining our main drive
  2. Customized telecommunication package to meet your business needs without high costs
  3. Over 50 features and benefits that are not available from traditional business systems
  4. Great flexibility for telecommuters (on-the-go)
  5. Provide businesses with a more integrated communication system
  6. Virtual telephone number widely available to help businesses remain local to their clients, vendors and/or partners
  7. Simplified maintenance, support and easy service expansion through a single vendor.


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