Fibre Infrastructure for Property Developers and Landlords

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Experience a smooth transition every step of the way!

We have simplified the installation process, from order processing to installation and service start date – you will experience a smooth transition every step of the way! 

One of the biggest challenges many buildings face is delays in implementing and deploying Fibre optic networks. At FGL Telecom, you will receive on-time project updates every time. 


We deploy our network, giving you pure and direct fibre from our data center to yours. 



  1.  You will be assigned with a dedicated Project Manager
  2. We customize the deployment plan according to your building type and technical needs
  3. Project timeline will be provided, so you are mindful of every step
  4. Hardware used are best-in-class and future-proof to last
  5. Upon completion, our Certified Fibre Optic Associate will assist you with any questions you may have.