The Fibre Optic Network Dedicated to Residents and Businesses in Toronto and Surrounding areas

FGL Telecom is a private company and provides a full range of communications services to commercial and residential customers.

To provide its services in the most efficient way possible, FGL Telecom has built an all-fibre optic network. The network is constantly expanding to allow FGL Telecom to connect to more Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU) each year. This network is the basis on which FGL Telecom is characterized as a facilities-based service provider.

FGL Telecom is the preferred alternative to the incumbents in the GTA area. Our services are often requested by residents and business owners looking for better value and quality.

Allowing the installation of our network puts your home or place of business at an advantage and future proofs your building with the latest technology and equipment.

Our services include; voice, connectivity, networking, monitoring tool, fibre, network deployment and cloud. We are proud of developing innovative, cloud-based technology to make it easier, more effective, and efficient in delivering connections in even the most remote locations across Canada and this increasingly complex world.

Our solutions connect people and the information needed to gain insights for better decisions on most issues.

Our goal is to evolve and customize services that will democratize affordable enterprise networking, unify businesses, and unlock the promise of the cloud.

We take pride in providing the highest level of customer service and are committed to delivering high-quality solutions to you.



Fibre Internet

* Private and secured network
* Dedicated symmetrical speed - download = upload
* High-speeds - up to 10G or 100G, you are the boss
* Signal clarity - clear transition
* Always on - 99.99% up time and 4 hrs mean time repair
* MPLS Capable - secure and direct layer two connectivity
* Cost effective - no or minimal construction cost

SIP Trunking

Expand your presence with a variety of local, national and international numbers, including toll-free numbers.
This worldwide coverage will increase your exposure and sales!
Replace your old (ISDN-PRI) business line services with a more efficient and cost-effective solution.
Secure and peace of mind with Alert and Monitoring tools around Toll Fraud and malicious calls.

Hosted PBX

We use robust and private cloud computing technology to bring fully redundant PBX services to fulfill various needs from the business community.
With high availability in mind, FGL Telecom systems are fully redundant, spanning from coast-to-coast-to-coast with no single point of failure.


Are you starting and need a boost? Or you are large and looking for that ‘wholesale discount’ – not to worry, we have you covered!


Fiber in Toronto
Quality and system availability, yet affordability is our main drive. FGL Telecom Inc. infrastructure has been built from the ground up with redundancy and high availability in mind.
From Vancouver to Toronto to Montreal to Halifax and backup across the Atlantic in Europe, FGL Telecom Inc. systems are fully redundant and does not have a single point of failure. We have backups of backups.


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