Hosted PBX

We are in a new age, a new era where instant communication defines your business and level of customer satisfaction. Technology has evolved and so should you! A single downtime can cost you thousands of dollars.

As a business owner, you need to see the wider trends affecting your enterprise, and this can only be accomplished by standing back from the day to day routine to get a holistic overview of the market.

FGL Telecom Hosted PBX has the power to perform all your business communication needs.
Here are FGL Telecom Hosted PBX benefits:

  • Call Burst | Call Overflow

When your clients call, they don’t want to hear a busy tone or get their calls drop! With Call Burst/ Call Overflow, you have the ability to increase your line capacity on-demand, so thye never hear that busy tone, ever.
An advantage of this feature is: your monthly bill will not increase, you only pay for the usage so you can enjoy the ability to accept additional calls without additional monthly fees.

  • Customized call routing | Auto -attendant

You are in control.

Streamline your call tree from start to finish. With a touch of a number you will connect your customers to the right people and right departments.

  • We change with you | Scalable

Our system is scalable, meaning as your business changes (increase or decrease), our system changes with you, you can roll out new features and add or remove phones and phone lines with ease and peace of mind.

  • Geo-redundancy | 99.9% uptime

We pride ourselves in providing a Highly Available and Site resilient infrastructures will automatically failover from one site to other.

Our high-tech infrastructures works in concert to distribute traffic across based on lead time, availability, performance and client endpoint proximity between themselves at any given time of the day or night.

We have no single point of failure, in-case of an outage, your calls will be re-routed.

  • One Device, Multiple Extension | Multiple Extension, One Device

Stay connected, anywhere, anytime. Be free with follow me feature, one extension on multiple device.

Connecting your business phone to mobile phones, now that’s the true ‘Always On’

Our Hosted PBX is Feature Rich

Advisory Services System Admin portal
Call and Account manager Virtual Mailbox
Call Announce Visual Voicemail
Call Blocking Voicemail
Three-way Calling Dash Board
Call Flip US or Canada local number*
Call Forwarding with designated sequence Work from anywhere
Call Group Simultaneous Ring
Call Log reports Set Caller ID
Call Park High Definition Voice
Call Queue Number portability (keep your existing number)
Call Recording – Company wide Business Calling cards
Call Recording – On-Demand Dedicated Fax line
Call Screening International Geographic numbers
Call Transfer International Toll Free
Call Waiting Toll Free dedicated fax number
Caller ID block Additional US or Canada number
Caller ID service Multiple lines and packages
Dedicated Fax phone numbers On-the-go office users
Dial-by-name directory Call Forwarding
Do Not Disturb 411 Directory Assistance
Dynamic Caller ID 711 TTY Services
Inbound Caller ID name 911 Emergency service
Multi-level auto attendant Conference Bridge
Multiple Devices on one extension Toll Free number – unlimited
Music on hold Toll Free number a la carte
Paging Groups Vanity Toll Free number available

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